Liquor Licenses

Liquor / Beer / Wine License

Please use the Online Forms to apply for your licenses no later than the 1st Monday in June. 

For agent changes, please use the online agent change application. New Licenses will be sent after the Common Council and Police Department have approved the agent. 

For extension of premise requests, please use our online form. Extensions of premise must be placed on the Common Council agenda. Allow at least 30 days from the date of completed application to have an extension approved.

Forms from the Department of Revenue can be found on their website under Retail Alcohol Beverage License Applications. These forms change almost yearly - be sure to use the most up to date. 

There are several types of licenses to be used depending on your business and needs. The City of Delafield refers to the DOR Retail Alcohol Beverage Licensing Information.

As of June 2020:

The City of Delafield has ZERO regular full liquor license(s) available of the 13 Regular Class B Licenses. 

The City had ONE reserve liquor license(s) available out of the 4 Reserve Class B Licenses.

Our current population is 7176 for 2018. Our next reserve license will be available when we reach a population of 7234. 

Picnic (Temporary Beer/Wine) License

Temporary Class B (Picnic) Licenses are short term licenses issued to bona fide clubs, county, local fairs, churches, lodges or societies that have been in existence for at least six months and to veteran organizations. The fee is $10.00. Please use the online form