Garbage & Recycling

New Refuse & Recycling Contract

The City of Delafield has a contract with Advanced Disposal for the collection of residential garbage and recyclable materials.  The program, developed in cooperation with Waukesha County and many other municipalities in the county, provides for an expanded list of recyclable materials and streamlines the process of handling and collecting refuse and recycling. The cost for this service is included in your property taxes.  

Collection Process

Both refuse and recycling is collected from all households via up-the-drive (or curbside if you choose), Monday through Thursday, depending on where you live. Recycling is collected weekly from the container provided to each household by the contractor.  This container is blue and is approximately 32 gallons in size with an orange informational label on the lid. 

Important Container Placement Reminder

  • Place containers outside your garage or at the curbside by 6:30 am on collection day, or the night before.  
  • Refrain from putting containers in the street for collection.
  • Do not place your containers out for collection more than the day before the collection day and be sure to take them back by the morning after the collection day.

Single Sort Recycling

The City shifted to single sort recycling effective Jan. 1, 2015. Under single sort, residents only need to separate recyclable material from garbage.  No need to separate recyclable materials any further.  Paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, cans and other material can be co-mingled and placed in the large recycling container for collection.  The list of recyclables includes, as it has in the past, all cardboard, paper, #1 and #2 plastic food containers, cans made of aluminum, tin or metal as well as glass bottles and jars.  Under the new system, the list of recyclables has been expanded to include all types of #1, #2, #4, #5, and #7 containers as well as paper or gable top beverage containers such as those for milk, juice or juice boxes.  Further, the list of acceptable recyclables now includes rigid plastic containers like plastic buckets, laundry baskets or crates as well as additional metals like pots and pans.  Remember, all items for recycling should be empty, free of food waste and metal handles must be removed. 

Please reference the Household Recycling Guide below for the current listing of recyclable materials.

Bulk Collection

  • Yard Waste - optional subscription service for eligible Household Units that are covered under this agreement.  Christmas Trees are not considered Yard Waste, and are part of normal collection at no additional cost.  
  • Furniture - furniture or items not manageable by one person or that weigh more than fifty (50) pounds must be placed curbside for collection and scheduled for collection at no additional charge.  
  • Freon Appliances

    - $25 each.  Non-Freon appliances will be collected at no additional charge.  Appliances must be placed curbside for collection and scheduled for collection at no additional charge.  
  • Carpeting & Padding

    - Up to four (4) rolls per week, cut, tied and kept dry (maximum roll size of 3' x 4', 60# each) shall be collected free of charge.  $20/cubic yard for above and beyond.  
  • Building Materials

    - Limit of a 32 gallon container, not to exceed 60#, shall be collected free of charge. $20/cubic yard for above and beyond.  
  • Auto & Light Truck Tires

    - $5 off the rim; $10 on the rim.
  • Riding Mowers / Snow Blowers

    - $30 each
  • Other Excluded Items

    - will be estimated at the time of collection. 
  • Hazardous Waste and Chemicals

    - will not be collected under any circumstances.  
  • Call Back Fee

    - $15 per call

Noted items or items larger than or otherwise not meeting the requirements may be placed only after contacting Advanced Disposal to arrange for the collection.  Please contact Advanced Disposal at 262-367-6040 to make arrangements for these collections and to receive direction on when and where to place the item(s) for collection.

Summer Lake Weed Pier Pick-Up Schedule

  • Main Lake - Every Monday & Friday
  • Channels - 1st & 3rd Fridays of every month

Brush Collection

Brush Drop-Off Dates
Christmas Tree Disposal

Grass Clippings / Leaves / Composting

You are encouraged to compost certain materials if possible. Yard waste collection is available to residents .

Oil Recycling

Used oil and oil filters are accepted behind the Public Safety Building.