Applications and Forms

Welcome to Applications and Forms. This is portion is your one-stop place to find items you already know you need. For more information, please click on the associated links to the applications or forms to take you to the detailed description of the process, people, or form you need to complete your task. Thank you. 

Administration Applications and Forms

  1. Goose Egg Oiling Roundup Consent
  2. Application for Common Council, Board, Committee or Commission
  3. Citizen Complaint Form
  4. Dog License Application
  5. Dog Station Sponsorship Form
  6. Employment Application
  7. Open Record Request (City Hall) (Police Department)
  8. WI Veterans Memorial Riverwalk Brick Order Form
  9. Wood Chips

Alcohol and Liquor - Department of Revenue Applications and Forms

  1. Operator (Bartender) License Application Online
  2. Temporary Operator Bartender License Application Online
  3. Peddler/Transient Merchant Application

For more information on Liquor, Bartender, Tobacco, Peddler, etc forms - please visit the Clerk's webpage.

Building Applications and Forms

  1. Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit Application
  2. Electrical Permit and Fees
  3. HVAC Permit and Fees
  4. Plumbing Permit and Fees

Election Applications and Forms

  1. Absentee Ballot Request via
  2. Election Inspector (poll worker) Application
  3. Voter Registration via

Online Event Packet

Now offering our event packet online. PDF versions are still available above. Please fill out only the applications that apply to your event. Payments are still currently check or cash only. Future payments will be able to be made online.

  1. Community Event Planning Permit - Required. You can indicate which other applications you will be sending.
  2. Fish Hatchery Reservation Form
  3. Park & Sports Facility Rental Application - As seen above.
  4. Temporary Class "B"/"Class B" Retailer License - As seen above.
  5. Temporary Operator/Bartender License Application
  6. Temporary Extension of Premise Request by Class "B" or "C" Retailer - As seen above.
  7. Firework Application
  8. Temporary Sign Application

Open Book and Board of Review Applications and Forms

  1. Objection Form for Real Property Assessment

Plan Commission, Public Works, and Lake Welfare Committee

  1. Planning and Community Development Application
  2. Boat House Checklist
  3. Building Plan Checklist
  4. Business Plan of Operation Checklist 
  5. Conditional Use Checklist 
  6. Certified Survey Map Checklist (CSM) 
  7. Grading Plan Checklist
  8. Landscape Plan Checklist  
  9. Lighting Plan Checklist
  10. Permanent Sign Checklist 
  11. Plat of Survey Checklist 
  12. Site Plan Checklist 
  13. Storm Water Management Checklist

Please visit our Planning and Community Development page for more information regarding the the application process, deadlines, and checklists for projects.