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City of Delafield Bow Hunting Rules and Regulations

Deer Management Program FAQ

Season:  Sept. 16th, 2023 - Jan. 31st, 2024


In an effort to safely reduce the deer herd in the City of Delafield, the Common Council has authorized the Deer Management Committee to implement a program to encourage the harvesting of deer through legal bow and crossbow hunting.  By state law, bow hunting is allowed within the city limits, subject to specific regulations.  One of those regulations is that the owner of a building within 100 yards of where a hunter is actively hunting must allow the hunting.  All hunters must strictly adhere to this regulation.  There are three options when bow hunting in the City of Delafield.


HUNTING ON PRIVATE PROPERTY. Licensed bow hunters may hunt on private property, within Delafield City Limits, subject to the state laws.  If you are hunting on private property, with appropriate approval and following state laws, you do not need to complete the City Bow Hunter Application.  Legal bow hunting on private land is allowed under State Statute 29.038(3).  Bow hunting should take place from an elevated stand so the hunter is shooting down toward the ground for safety reasons.  Hunters will use their own bow deer hunting tags issued with their bow hunting small game license or additional tags purchased through the WI DNR.  Please follow all applicable state laws.  In addition to registering your deer with the DNR, you must email notice of your harvest to: 


HUNTING ON PRIVATE PROPERTY USING CITY ISSUED NUISANCE TAGS   If one would like to apply for State issued nuisance tags, available through the City of Delafield, one must complete the City Bow Hunter Application and submit for approval.  Those granted nuisance tags will be notified by the Deer Management Committee when approved and be given instructions on how to use the tags.  These nuisance tags are only valid for harvesting female/does.  Deer harvested using state nuisance tags must be tested for CWD if the animal is to be donated to a food pantry.

Landowner - Hunter Matching Program


HUNTING ON CITY SANCTIONS BOW STANDS - Only licensed hunters 18 or older are allowed to hunt from city sanctioned bow tree stands. Hunters under 18 years of age may hunt with a parent in one of the 2-person stands. If you wish to be awarded city issued nuisance tags and/or hunt from city sanctioned bow stands, you must complete the City Bow Hunter Application form and be approved by the Deer Management Committee. HUNTING WILL NOT START FROM CITY STANDS UNTIL SEPTEMBER 16, 2023 AND NOT UNTIL AND UNLESS THE APPLICATION IS APPROVED BY THE DEER MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON.  The Deer Management Committee will erect bow stands on city-controlled property.  Stands are available for bow hunting only.

Deer Stand Location Map

The Del-Hart property – two 1-person tree stands & two 2-person stands
Lois Jensen Preserve – one on the East Side and one on the West Side of the park

Bow Hunting Deer Nuisance Tag Instructions

1.    No general public hunting is allowed anywhere in the designated city properties.  For the potential right to hunt from select City of Delafield sanctioned bow stands and/or to request a state/city nuisance tag, one must complete the full application and return to Delafield City Hall, 500 Genesee Street.  If approved, hunters will be notified by email or phone what website to go to so they can register online for a stand/Pod and date/time.  Only hunters approved by the city may hunt from these city stands and will be given directions to the stands and instructions on how to use the online site for registration.

2.    Approved hunters will be directed to a special online registration site:  Registration for city stands will open on September 1st.  The season opens September 16, 2023.  The locations and times to use available city bow stands will be emailed to approved hunters.  Hunters may reserve up to 3 times and locations to hunt from city sanctioned stands.  Hunters must complete at least one of the scheduled hunts before he/she can register for more hunts.  If the bow hunter application is approved, hunters will be sent detailed instructions on the location of the stands, proper parking locations and other safety information.  These nuisance tags are only valid for harvesting female/does.  Special instructions will be given to approved hunters on how to obtain nuisance permits.  

3.    Bow hunters may not erect their own hunting stands on city property.  Approved hunters must hunt from the elevated city stands and nowhere else on city property.  All bow and arrow shots must be from the elevated stands in a downward position.

4.    The applicant agrees to abide by all state statutes and DNR regulations pertaining to bow hunting and completed a WI DNR approved hunter safety course.  Additionally, when hunting from a city stand, bow hunters must wear blaze orange or pink (same as the state requirement for bow hunting during the gun deer season).  Hunter must have a harness and be secured to the tree or stand to help prevent falling from the stand. 

5.    All harvest deer must be registered with the state.  Registration is required by 5:00 p.m. the day after the recovery and is critical to sound wildlife management.  Register your harvest with the DNR at or call 844-GAME-REG (1-844-426-3734).  After registering with the DNR, you must also report via email to Clerk’s office, what you harvested from city property and/or with a nuisance tag.  Email:

6.    Deer taken using a City Nuisance Tag must be tested for CWD, only if donating to a food pantry.  You must drop off the head at an approved DNR site (see or an approved processing center.  You can take the head to Wales Tails in Dousman, the DNR office in Eagle or the DNR office on Barstow in Waukesha.  We encourage you to take your deer to Pernat's Meats in Ixonia for processing and to donate deer to the food pantries.  Only deer testing negative for CWD can be donated to a food pantry.

7.    Unused nuisance tags must be returned to the City of Delafield City Hall upon request.  Contact the Clerk’s office:

Deer Management Information and Applications

  1. 2023-2024 Bow Hunting Rules & Regulations
  2. Bow Hunter Application - Must Submit Online Application
  3. Land Owner - Hunter Matching Program
  4. Private Land Permission Form
  5. Bow Hunting Deer Nuisance Tag Instructions
  6. Commonly Asked Questions about the Delafield Deer Management Program
  7. Submit all forms to City Clerk's Office at for Deer Management Chairperson review

For more information on the Deer Management Committee information, please click here.