Boards, Committees, & Commissions Applications and Forms

Welcome to Applications and Forms. This is portion is your one-stop place to find items you already know you need. For more information, please click on the associated links to the applications or forms to take you to the detailed description of the process, people, or form you need to complete your task. Thank you. 

Lake Welfare Committee

  1. Goose Egg Oiling Roundup Consent

Park and Recreation Commission

  1. Dog Station Sponsorship Form
  2. WI Veterans Memorial Riverwalk Brick Order Form

Boards, Committees, and Commissions

  1. Application for Appointment to the Common Council, Board, Commission, or Committee - Please note the Common Council is an elected position. This application will only be used with the Common Council if there is a space available and the Common Council wishes to fill it before the next election. 
  2. Lake Welfare - Boathouse Application - Checklist
  3. Request for Accommodation at a Board, Committee, or Commission meeting

Deer Management Information and Applications

  1. Deer Management Program Plan
  2. Bow Hunter Rules and Regulations
  3. Bow Hunter Application - Must Submit Online Application
  4. Bow Hunter - Landowner Matching Program
  5. Private Land Permission Form
  6. Submit all forms to City Clerk's Office at for Deer Management Chairperson review